Hello world!



My name is Flor  and welcome to my new blog! I would love to share my adventures in everyday life, paper crafting and cooking.

When I was first married knew absolutely nothing about cooking. Then I met Betty Crocker and  I had to learn to cook because I like to eat and so does my husband !

My husband is a hunter…I don’t know if that’s good or bad. When our two oldest children were little he was gone A LOT in the winter. Life was rough! I also needed a hobby. I tried a couple of different things, but it wasn’t until after our youngest was born that I discovered stamping. It’s been 10 years now and my it filled me with passion and it filled my house with lots of stuff! The only problem is that it is addicting!  In the last twenty-four years my cooking has come a long way….nobody has ended up in the hospital. In the last ten years card making and scrap booking have become my passions. It’s with these things that I hope I can show everyone how much I love them besides saying it and hugging them to death!

Please join me in my adventures and passions! Gracias!


About Flor

Hola! I'm Flor. Forty-something, wife, mom, amateur baker, amateur home cook, self professed craftinista, Elvis loving chick. This blog is about my journey through the everyday life. I hope you find some inspiration here! All posts and opinions are solely mine.

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  1. Love your blog, Flor! I am already looking forward to see what you will post on the next one. Do me a favor, tho, when you are posting a recipe? Could you let us know if the meal is spicy or not. I can not eat spicy foods and so many good mexican recipes call for them to be HOT-even mildly can be bad. The pork wtih green salsa sounds yummy and I may just have to try it out. I love your halloween card, too.

    Congrats on the blog!

    • Hi Julie! Thanks for your comment. I will do my best to let you know if a recipe is spicy. You can always cut down the amount of spicy ingredients in a recipe. I will try an do it!

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