Thanksgiving Thank You’s



What a busy weekend! Love it! Saturday I was lucky enough to go with one of our school organizations to decorate a Christmas tree at the zoo. It was so much fun. It was really nice seeing the kids be themselves! I was definitely exhausted afterwards, but it was so worth it! Yesterday we went to see our son be a guest singer at a concert. I am so incredibly proud of him. I always cry when he sings, so I am glad there was kleenex available!

Every Thanksgiving I try to make a small gift for my children’s teachers to let them know how much they truly are appreciated. I found the inspiration for these gifts in an issue of Paper Crafts magazine.

I was soo going to make a food gift, but thought against it because everyone is always trying to not eat so much. I thought candles would make a nice gift so they can be used at everyone’s dinner table.

Here’s a whole bunch of them ready to give. It was a very simple gift to make. Cut vellum to your desired width & length and stamp with your chosen stamps. Wrap vellum and attach with glue dots, wrap raffia around and add your stamped tag. Lastly hot glue an acorn to the front of your wrapped candles.  This is a simple gift but goes out with tons of appreciation for all those teachers that touch my child’s life.

Have a wonderful Monday!




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