Scrapbook Saturday-1st Day of School



Did you go shopping on Black Friday? I kind of did…I had too. I needed to get myself my Christmas gift. I hadn’t planned on going. I think I have only every been about twice. I just hate the crowds, the pushing and the sometimes rude people.  Last year my 10 year old had heard about black Friday Shopping so I took her to Target, but by that time the crowd was gone and I had given her the speech about staying by me and not running off and wouldn’t you believe it that the store was empty!

So we both got up at 5 am yesterday to go to Menard’s. They had the Cricut for $119.00 and some cartrides for $12.99. I had been checking their ad the night before and I could not pass up this deal. It was crowded, but we left home, got our Cricut and were home in 40 minutes! Loved it and my daughter got a little bit of the experience. I was exhausted by 3 pm! We started putting up our Christmas decorations later yesterday evening and hopefully we will finish before Monday. I need some rest!

Anyhooo…. I finally scrap booked the First Day of School pictures for this year.I have taken pictures of all 3 of my children on the first day of school since they started kindergarten. My son didn’t want his picture taken any more when he was a sophomore or junior in HS, but my girls happily oblige!

A senior and a 5th grader. It went super fast. Julissa is off to college next year and Julieta is off to the middle school…I remember the first day of kindergarten for both of them. I cried and they didn’t.

I tried to do a vintage looking page with different colors.

I like using vintage supplies in my card making and scrapbook pages. I like the treasure hunting and I like recycling those items. This measuring tape is so adorable and it’s almost gone! Have a great weekend!



Sorry for not giving credit on supplies, but I used things that were no longer in their packages!


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