Lover of Sweets



Thank goodness it’s the weekend! It will be a busy one again! Going to get the rest (Ihope) of my shopping done so that I can relax about that. I’m also going to put together a few of my home made gifts. I’ll show you those next week. My son is home for winter break and I am so relieved about that.

I have a nephew that holds a special place in my heart. He is a cuddly guy, a lover of sweets and sometimes a fighter! But, Oh I love him so! He is also my Godson. Whenever I talk to him about baking his eyes just light up. Shame on me for baking for him so! Since my brother and his family live about and hour and a half from us we don’t see them as much as we’d like. When we do see them of course we cook and bake and my nephew loves the baked goods!

I made this scrapbook page of him.

If I let him he would have eaten that cake size donut!

I always tell my sister-in-law that I will keep him with me forever! Maybe over winter break he and his brother will stay with us for a few days…He can be my guinea pig for new baking adventures! Have a wonderful weekend!



All supplies Stanmpin’ Up!


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