Last Minute Home-Made Gift…


Hola! Buenos Dias!

Yesterday was such a great day! I was able to clean quite a bit of my house and even did groceries for Christmas Eve dinner. I even relaxed and watched TV for a bit…I could really get used to this!

In previous years I kind of felt like if I gave someone a home-made gift I would feel like a big DORK. Now I feel totally different. I am in the frame of mind that if it comes from your hands, it comes from your heart. Don’t misunderstand me, every one appreciates a gift whether it is store bought or hand-made. I am feeling more confident about my crafting skills and have found that many of my friends (not all) would prefer hand-made/home-made gifts. I did some shopping at the mall, but also made hand made gifts like cards and these awesome cookies in a jar mixes…

I layered the ingredients in a mason jar and decorated the jar. The recipient just needs to add the fresh ingredients and bake the cookies!

Super easy gift to make and super easy for the recipient to bake!

So if you need any last minute gifts to this is a great idea. You more than likely would have the ingredients on hand, just find some mason jars and stuff to decorate the jar.

I had seen the original idea on   but just adapted it for christmas.

Go ahead…give them your heart!




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