Franks ‘N’ Dawgs



I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. I hope that you have all had some time off. I have been getting up pretty late…I am almost ashamed…almost but not quite. I’ve been hanging around the house doing pretty much nothing. The weather is so wonderful for December though I really missed having snow for Christmas!

A while back (back when I had cable) I had seen one of the food shows visit a place named Franks ‘n Dawgs in Chicago. We’d talked about going, but just never did until yesterday.

They are known for their gourmet hot dogs. Don’t you just love seeing my reflection in the pictures?

The buns were delicious…toasted on the the outside to perfection, but perfectly soft on the inside. It’s not a regular hot dog bun, has kind of flat sides…perfect.

Here’s a sampling of their menu…these are the delicious dogs we ate…

Roaring Buffalo Chicken. Look at the beautiful color of that sauce!

Bayou Dog. I love anything that has to do with cajun cooking!

Peking Duck. Just right for my hunter husband!

The “sausage” hot dogs were delicous. I had a plan of action that we would taste each others dogs to try them, but nobody would go for the idea! I must admit at an average of $7-$8 each (without fries!) it was a bit on the steep side and was a big splurge for us! They should include fries with their hot dogs…I’m just sayin’! It took us longer to drive there and home than the time we spent at the actual place. It was a nice drive to go back through the city.

It was just a nice break to get out and spend some time together. So if you are looking for something a little different, this might be a good place to try.




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