You Inspire Me!



Happy New Year! What a great weekend…we didn’t go out and party but we did go out to dinner with some friends on Friday. We went to Brookfield Zoo for the Lights at the Zoo on Saturday. The weather was so perfect that it was super crowded. We  went to the outlet mall yesterday and I was really inspired to eat healthier when I saw all the cute clothes…then we went to the buffet for dinner…last buffet meal of the year (I hope!) I (I mean we) took down the Christmas stuff too.It was a great weekend  all around with sprinklings of cooking and baking tucked in!

This new year I hope to be inspired and hope to inspire others. I have not set any resolutions…but maybe inspirations or aspirations? Does that make sense?

I aspire to:

* Lose weight/eat healthier (been there and done that many times over, but I am willing to try again!)

* Be craftier

*Simplify my life

* Have at least 1 adventure (or try something new) with someone I love (what the heck maybe even by myself!)

* Be more generous (that includes being more generous to myself!)

* Push myself to get my kids where they need to be (maybe be a better parent?)

* Not hurt my husband and make it to our 25th anniversary (won’t he be lucky!)

I guess I just inspire  or aspire to be a better person.


  1. A hope or ambition of achieving something: “he had nothing tangible to back up his literary aspirations”.
  2. The object of such an ambition; a goal.


  1. The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative: “flashes of inspiration”.
  2. The quality of having been so stimulated, esp. when evident in something: “a moment of inspiration in an otherwise dull display”.
Happy 2012! Bring it on!!!
All supplies Stampin’ Up!

About Flor

Hola! I'm Flor. Forty-something, wife, mom, amateur baker, amateur home cook, self professed craftinista, Elvis loving chick. This blog is about my journey through the everyday life. I hope you find some inspiration here! All posts and opinions are solely mine.

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