Familia Playing Card Album



I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I truly enjoyed mine. Saturday night I was lucky enough to go to a Bulls game with my best friend and my husband. Hi Bestie! Thanks for the great time! I am off work today so I am very happy. I’ll be hanging out at home getting homey stuff done.

I was totally inspired by Julia Stainton from Bellepapier.blogspot.com to make this little playing card album. She has some wonderful projects on her website. There are quite a few pictures so please bear with me.

I used some scrap paper and misc. embellishments along with some cards from the Dollar Tree so it was fairly inexpensive to make. The front cover is a “5” for the number of people in our family.

Eddie is the King of Hearts because he is the King…wait no, that’s Elvis…

I am the Queen of Hearts because I am the Queen of our castle…at least I think so…

Julian is a “J” for Julian and our first born….I couldn’t find the J of hearts…is there such a thing? I know nothing about playing cards!

Julissa gets the 2 of hearts because she is our second born…and a natural born shopper.

Julieta gets the 3 of hearts because she is our third born and of course Daddy can never say no to her!

This is the back of the album. In total I used 6 playing cards giving me a total of 12 pages because I used them back to back. After decorating and embellishing it I punched holes with my cropodile and used book rings to put it together.

It’s a super cute Valentine’s gift for each of your family members or you can make one with y our friends, graduations, birthdays, etc…. There are so many themes for making these. It’s nice and small so it’s also great for toting around in your purse or if you go out of town you will have pictures of your loved ones with you.

What are you waiting for? Go gather your supplies and get started!




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