Kitchen Disasters and a Cute Card



Last night was a horrible night in the kitchen! I get home and start getting dinner ready. As I read the recipe I am taking out all the ingredients I need then realize I didn’t defrost everything I need. UGH! So I start defrosting things in the microwave and get to the section of the recipe that tells me to put the casserole in the fridge for at least 8 hours before baking…FRUSTRATION! I figure I will bake that in the morning for breakfast and leftovers for dinner. So I’m wondering what to cook that I can eat…nothing! I find a recipe that I can make for everyone else then realize that I am short one can of tomato sauce…I am NOT about to go to the store. I find some pureed tomatoes that I had frozen from the garden last year…great substitution. I make the soup for everyone and I eat some left overs from Saturday…yes, I said Saturday! Geez…what else can go wrong. So I figure I will make some scones that I can have for snacks the rest of the week. I burned them a bit on top…they were kind of brown but still edible. DANG (that’s not really what I said)! I put them out to cool and go do some crafting. When I come up I realize that someone had eaten all but two of them. So much for that! I think that I will not be cooking today!

Anyway I have a super cuter card that works really well for kids and teenagers. This card made me feel better about my kitchen disasters.

I love the bright colors on this! I’m sure the teenager would like this a lot better with a gift card or cash in it though!

Good luck to all of you in the kitchen tonight! I am staying out of it…leftovers for me!





Miscellanous supplies from my stash!


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