Artisan Bread in Five



So I really enjoy baking, but I am oh so lacking in the making dough and rolling out talent. I would love to make beautiful cut out cookies and decorate them with frosting and fondants but I’ve tried and failed. So when I saw this Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes on Pinterest I had to check it out. It is awesome!

It was a bit  browned on top, but ooohhhh the tender inside! This picture does not do it justice.

The recipe does not ask for eggs or onions, but when I sliced the bread that is what I had on my counter. It is just a 3 ingredient recipe (plus water). You don’t need to punch down the dough, so if you want to take your frustrations out this is not the recipe for it. It was super easy! I have made three loaves/rounds and each time I baked it on a different baking pan to see how it would come out best. I used a jelly roll pan, a flat cookie sheet without sides and a cast iron skillet. The one in the skillet came out the best. I couldn’t stop my family from eating it! I think this is something I will be making on the weekends. My daughter pointed out that this bread would be perfect for giant bread bowls with soup.




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