Hugs & Kisses



A week or two ago I put up my Valentine’s decorations and realized I didn’t have any wreaths for my doors. I was very sad. I always have something up on my doors. I checked out Target and everything just seemed so expensive. I kind of didn’t want to spend $20.00 for a wreath so I didn’t. Of course I am always on Pinterest and back around Christmas I saw the cutest frame with pine cones hung in the middle. The light turned on! I needed to make something cute but cheap and using  stuff that I no longer needed or really wanted. Over my shopping outing this past weekend I purchased 2 cute wooden decorations for $5.oo each. I had some old frames that I no longer used and shellacked the heck out of them and the wooden decorations. This is one of the “wreath” decorations I came up with.

You can see that the frame is not in perfect condition, so I might as well use it outside. It was just sitting behind a dresser. I used an upholstery stapler to staple the ribbon onto the back of the frame. I added a pop dot to each side of the wooden decoration to “attach” it to the frame. This cost me a whole 5 pesos! I was so proud of myself! I had to take the picture inside because it was already dark outside and some things just need to get done right away. I have this frame on my front door. Run! Raid your stash of unwanted or unnecessary stuff and make something new! You will love it and so will your cute wallet!




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