Valentine’s Rag Wreath!



I can’t believe the beautiful weather we had yesterday ! And we will have it again today. Almost fifty degrees…aaaahhhh!

I sure was needy on Valentine’s decorations!  I already shared my two frame wreaths. Now I have a rag wreath for you. It is very simple and uses only a wire hanger, fabric, tulle and any other embellishments you want to use on it. I really like the way it came out so full and fluffy like.

So I really wanted to use things I had at home that were just gathering dust. I have this material with a musical motif in black on an ivory background…cha ching! I also had some tulle on a roll, red felt, and a wire hanger. Since I don’t really sew (yet) I might as well use some of the material!

I bent my hanger into a circle the best I could. I left the top hanger portion on since I would be hanging this indoors I could just use it to hang onto a nail on the back of my inside front door. I cut the material (which was a kind of thick material) into 8″ x 2″ strips and just knotted it onto the hanger until I liked the fullness (until I couldn’t get more on) of it. I think the length of the material will depend on the type of material you use and how poufy (round, full, long) you want it to be. I added some pieces of tulle which I also knotted onto the hanger in between the other materials to give it a bit of softness. At this point I bent it into a better circle. I die cut some felt hearts and just used pearl topped pins to attach them to some strips of material. I didn’t want to permanently attach  the hearts on in case I wanted to keep it up for another holiday. I think this particular material lends itself well for year round decorating. At Christmas you can put snowflakes or christmas trees. For halloween maybe some bats or witches hats, etc…Ok I think I’m getting ahead of myself!

Go raid your stash of stuff and get crafty!





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