Playing for Keeps



Happy Monday! I hope everyone enjoyed their Superbowl weekend. I wish I was a sports fan. I do not like any sport at all on TV. It’s a different story if I actually go to some sort of sporting event to watch it live. Going to the actual event is soooo much fun…even if you aren’t into the sport. I went to an estate sale instead of to a super bowl party…I’m weird like that. Next year I will go to a party instead.

The card I have for you has to do with the game of love…

This is absolutely the favorite card I have made for Valentine’s day this year. No matter what flea market, antique shop or estate sale I go to I always look for things I can use on my paper crafts. This past summer I was lucky enough to find a package of 3 Bridge scoring pads. This score form is just right for this card. I mean really…who doesn’t like to play the game of love?

I had a rough time this weekend with my WW points. My husband bought so much fruit and vegetables that I wasn’t even able to cook…I couldn’t even squeeze an extra bowl in the fridge. I put my crock pot to work overnight so that I have something good and healthy for at least the rest of the week for myself! I’ll think of something else for those that aren’t watching their figures!

Tomorrow I will post my weight loss…stay tuned!



Supplies: Stampin’ Up!, Wilton, Unity Stamps, Spellbinders, Sakura, misc. pin, vintage trim, button and bridge score form


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