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I hope everyone enjoyed their Monday especially those of you that had the day off! I was super excited when I stepped on the scale! Even though I ate out on Friday then pigged out on Saturday for my brother’s birthday I still managed to lose one half pound! Yes! I just have remind myself that I still have a long way to go and I can’t just go around eating everything I want.How boring is that? But it will be worth it when I buy my new dress…in August…! With Lent starting on Wednesday I will definitely not be pigging out today, Fat Tuesday. I will have to keep on track. I have been a Diet Coke freak for the last 25 years or so. In the last couple of months I have pretty much almost given up on drinking it. All pop and stuff like that is just so bad for us and I am down to maybe one pop a week, tops two. I have been drinking more water and making some flavored water with cucumber, fresh mint and lemon. I’ve also been drinking lots of  iced tea using green peppermint. Even though these are small changes I know I can do it. I am giving up pop completely for lent…sorry my work friends, I might be a little crabby starting Wednesday. Let’s go to something happy!

A wedding card.

A 6 x 6 wedding card because I can hand deliver it. No need for expensive postage fees! I like doing the “quilt” style cards for 6 x6 cards. I’ve recently discovered 6×6 paper pads and am now obsessed with them. How could I have never noticed them before? What kind of card maker am I? These pads are perfect for making cards and all the papers coordinate with each other. I have found several pads at Archivers. Another cool place to find them is It’s a deal a day kind of thing with Peachy Cheap…so sign up. I have gotten some cool stuff there and at http://www.pickyourplum.  Which is also a deal a day web site.

Have a great day!



Supplies: Stampin’ Up!, Taylored Expressions, Basic Grey, House of 3, Spellbinders

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Hola! I'm Flor. Forty-something, wife, mom, amateur baker, amateur home cook, self professed craftinista, Elvis loving chick. This blog is about my journey through the everyday life. I hope you find some inspiration here! All posts and opinions are solely mine.

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