Scrapbook Saturday-Homecoming,



Happy Saturday! So we had some snow on Thursday night. The news kept saying that it was going to be really bad, it was not bad at all here. It was rather pretty I thought. It will be melted by Sunday! Today I will be going to a couple of thrift and antique stores to search for my crafting table. I hope I find one even though I will be losing a bit of storage from my makeshift table.

This double layout scrapbook page was definitely easy…can you see that this is a recurring theme? Easy is always good.

My little girl looks so grown up…I guess that’s because she already is. It’s hard to believe that she is almost 18 and weighs only about 100 pounds. She surely does not take after her mama! She was so excited for Homecoming that she had her Godmother come over and do her hair and makeup!

I love this paper from Stampin’ Up! Unfortunately it’s retired and I am just about out of it! I guess it’s a good thing to not hoard! I have so much paper I should never buy anymore…should not, but still do! Can you say addiction?

Have a great weekend!


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