St. Patty’s Day Popcorn




Happy Hump Day! OK, that just sounds wrong! Either way, happy Wednesday!

So I weighed myself…not good! I gained 1.5 pounds. I was bad, very very bad last week! I ate quite a bit. It wasn’t really a lot, it was just the wrong food. Pizza, beef, chicken, chocolate…all the good things! The problem was that I didn’t count my points. I could eat whatever I want (though I really should eat healthy things) as long as I count my points and I am guilty…I didn’t count! I am back on track this week after see the added 1.5 pounds. That scared me, so I am back with a vengeance this week!

St. Patrick’s comes but once a year. Even though I am not Irish I could not pass up a reason to make some colorful treats. This popcorn recipe is simple and ooooooh so good!

The color isn’t very pretty here because I had put it in a light blue bowl. Clear is always better.

I packaged it up in clear food safe bags with a clover tag and green twine.

You can find the basic recipe for “Princess Popcorn” over at under “Pretty Pretty Pink Popcorn”. I used my old fashioned much loved air popper to make popcorn. It is just healthier with no oil or salt added. I added the pretzels and peanuts on my own without measuring. I just eye balled it and added however much  of each I wanted. You can make so many variations of this for so many different celebrations and holdiays. You can add any additional ingredients you want such as raisins, M & M’s, etc…

Have a fantabulous day!






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