Food Containers



I am off work today, so needless to say I am thrilled! So, I do celebrate Easter. Not in a really big way but we do. I usually host dinner every year and have an egg hunt with my kids and my nephews. I kind of have my menu all in order, but don’t know yet if we will be here or at my parents house. This year I think I will cook here and then take it to my parents house. So I have quite a bit of work for tomorrow! All I know is that my son wants tons of meat! And I will oblige!

The simplest things get me excited. Things like organization get me excited! I am super lame! I used to be super organized before I had children…to the point that I would be washing the dishes in a party dress before leaving my house because I couldn’t stand to leave dirty dishes in the sink. Those days are long gone. With every child my priorities changed a bit. My house was still clean, but organization wasn’t as important as a clean house, food ready to eat and clean laundry.  So what if the linen closet was a bit unorganized. After having three kids things are even more different. My house is clean, but not always perfect or organized and I am very ok with that now.

One thing that does make me happy though is seeing containers of all the same size that I can stack in my fridge with leftovers. I used to buy all the different size “rubbermaid” bowls for storing food in my fridge, but they were always falling all over the place and would never fit properly in my cabinets. Look at these beauties…

I love that I can stack them on top of each other without them falling over. They are even microwaveable. I also have some other containers that are black round bottoms with the clear lids. The kind Chinese food come in sometimes. Those are awesome too!

My friend and I go to a Schweppe’s located close by in Lombard, IL. We love that place, don’t we Dube? When we go there we have to check out every single aisle. They have all sorts of stuff like styrofoam containers, plates,aluminum pans, cups, everything for commerical and restaraunt kitchens. It is also much cheaper than constantly buying all the odd shaped bowls.These are also great for sending food home with guests.  No more losing your real Tupperware bowls.

It’s really ridiculous what makes me happy! So if you are usually the host investing in something like these might be well worth it. They have made my life a lot easier.







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