Scrapbook Saturday-Swim



I hope everyone had a good week and has some good plans for the wekend. I will be babysitting this weekend. Should be fun and tiring! It will be nice to get some cuddle time with my niece and nephews! The weather here is horrible! Cold and rainy. What happened to that 80 degree weather we had a few weeks ago? What a tease…we were just left wanting more of it!

When my youngest was about 3 or four years old we were visiting my sister in Florida. One day we had been swimming in the pool and after we all got out of the pool we went inside except for my youngest and my brother in law. My daughter being the daredevil, not afraid of anything kind of child jumped in the pool…she didn’t know how to swim! Thank goodness my brother in law was there because he jumped in after her. One of the scariest moments of my life! That fall and the following summer we enrolled her in swim classes! She is still a daredevil and scares the heck out of me constantly! She is now a fabulous swimmer! If I could get her lessons in everything available it would sooooo ease my mind but life is about learning and she will learn through experience. I hope every experience she has is a positive healthy one!

Here she is during a swim competition this year.

I wish it was warm enough to swim now! I would love to be on a warm, tropical beach with a shrimp cocktail and a Corona in hand! It’s nice to dream!

Have a wonderful weekend!



Supplies: Stampin’ Up!, Sizzix, misc. flowers, Tim Holtz


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