Teacher Appreciation and School Nurse’s Day



I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Mine is great so far! Busy, busy, busy!

This week is Teacher Appreciation week. Being a school secretary gives me the opportunity to see how much our teachers do. They put everything they have into our children. They spend tons of time and effort to teach our children to get them to the next level. They spend tons of time getting their rooms and hallways ready so that they are bright and child friendly. They take their work home with them, not only in their school bag, but also in their heart and mind.

I gave my daughter’s “specials” teachers this cute little watering can with “lollipop” flowers.

Pretend you don’t see my fat finger in there!

This may not be the biggest gift, but it comes with a great big “THANK YOU” to all those great teachers that my daughter sees.

“Homeroom” teachers have to have a lot of patience to be with kids all day in their classroom setting and I don’t think I could ever do that…so a big shout out to them!

Again, it’s just a simple gift, but something that let’s them know that we appreciate everything they do for our children.

Today is also School Nurses Day. They are the ones who deal with our kids when they are in pain and in need of comfort.  They also put in tons of time into what they do, not only taking care of our children, but also doing  a lot of paperwork to make sure our kids are in compliance with what they need to be in school.

I made some “fabric” bandaids for our school health clerk. I hope she likes them!

A little fancy bandaid to make boo-boos better! I found the tutorial for these on http://www.twiggstudio.com

I totally appreciate our teachers and health clerk that do so much for our children. Actually, that goes out to everyone in our school from the principals to the teachers, aides, volunteers and custodians. THANK YOU for all you do! If you appreciate them let them know even it’s just a small note or a nice e-mail!

Have a great day!





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