Secret Garden



Are you enjoying your week? Mine has been busy and productive (at least in the crafting department)!

I want to share the vegetable garden that my Man has planted. He has worked so hard and the garden looks amazing. We are hoping to grow a lot of vegetables to eat throughout the summer.

He started the organic seeds indoors in our sun room where they would get plenty of sun. They grew very well except for the ones that I accidentally killed on Easter when I left them outside…it happens! There are tomatoes, peppers, green peas, radish, eggplant, carrots and other stuff I can’t remember.

Then he put the garden together. I takes up most of the grassy area right in the middle of the yard. He had a friend borrow him some machine (a tiller?) to make it easier to turn the dirt. He painted/sealed the logs and put them together to make kind of a raised garden, but not really…does that make sense? Then he split up the rows and made those little mounds. Apparently my garden vocabulary is really lacking! I’m trying to get him to get rid of that ugly fake deer…his hunting practice target. It might get blown away with the wind when there is a storm…

He planted all the seedlings and it looks wonderful! He has since then put in all the plant markers. I used old wooden rulers and wooden paint sticks that I metal stamped the name of the vegetable on and then used a black marker to fill. We are all about reduce, reuse and recycle in this garden.

My Man also planted two apple trees one on either end of the yard. I hope they give fruit this year so I can make some apple deliciousness with them! The old wooden tripod you see in the picture is used for a decoration. I think my husband actually planted something that is supposed to climb it. Either way it’s a nice rustic decoration. You can see my evil doggie here! I love him!

In order to save on the water bill and to use the rain that falls from the heavens my husband made this rain barrel. It started as an ugly blue barrel that a friend gave him. He painted it this  beautiful green that is my favorite summer color. He added the spigot and all that kind of stuff.He put it on top of a cinder block so that we are able to connect the hose. He still needs to paint that green so that it looks better but that will have to wait until next year since the barrel is already full of water He also added a round thing on top that kind of looks like a sewer top with the openings in it to catch additional water from the sky, not just water from the drain. It also helps keep leaves out of it. I added a cute touch by die cutting some decals with my Cricut.

My Man has worked so hard on the yard/garden and it certainly shows. Yes, like he says I always have a project for him so there are just a few more things he needs to do to finish up the backyard. I must sound super bossy but I like to think of it as detail oriented and particular?

I can’t wait for the vegetables to sprout! It will be nice sitting on the clean patio with a salad from our own garden and a nice drink in hand looking at the veggies!

Thanks, Eddie for all the work you’ve done. You will definitely reap your harvest!

Go Green!



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