Happy Wednesday!

I am exhausted! Yesterday was my daughter’s graduation! I am so proud of my girl! I hope she grabs onto the future and uses it wisely! She is mart and beautiful and I am hope she makes the best choices! It was also my dad’s birthday. After the graduation ceremony we went out for dinner and I feel like I need a lot of extra rest! We were out until about 10:15. I know that’s not late, but after a day at work, graduation and out for dinner I am totally out of energy! I need to get out more!

I will post some pictures in the next few days once I can pull it all together. Today I have the cutest little sack!

I made this for my last group swap, The theme was anything you wanted it to be. I kind of wanted it to be a gift within a gift. I decorated a kraft bag and filled it with about six mini notes. I figured it’s the kind of thing you can use to give as a gift but the recipient can still use the cards for gifts.

I need some recuperation…




Supplies from: Crate Paper, Stampin’ Up!, misc. buttons, rhinestones, lace & kraft bag

Inspired by



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