Thai Chicken Tacos


Happy Friday!

One week down, one to go! Sleeping in late, crafting more, slowing down a bit…can’t wait! Until then I have to try and stay on a schedule!

Tacos fit into any schedule. They are quick and easy to make and you don’t need any utensils to eat them! You can make tacos out of really anything! When I was a very little girl we ate sardine tacos…money was really tight back then just as it is now, but we aren’t really eating sardines like back then.  Yes, it sounds gross, but they were the sardines in tomato sauce! To this day I still like sardine tacos…I don’t eat them that often but I just like the memories they bring. You can make a weiner taco by just roasting your hot dog on an open flame and putting it in your  tortilla. A taco is just a tortilla being used as a carrier for any filling. And anything in a tortilla is delicious. It seems like a humble meal, but tacos are one of my comfort foods that I wouldn’t give up for anything.

There are so many twists to tacos…here’s a really good one.

I didn’t follow the cabbage slaw exactly like it is in the recipe. I didn’t have everything on hand so I just used shredded green cabbage, shredded carrots and chopped cilantro with a tiny bit of red wine vinegar. These were so good. Even my daughter’s boyfriend who is a bit picky really liked them…that made my day!

You can find the original recipe here

Enjoy a taco today!





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