Wilton Tent Sale & Kane County



Happy Monday! I wish every weekend was like this weekend except I would add one night of dancing to it!

Every year I look forward to two great things I do with my best friend…the Wilton Tent Sale and Kane County Flea Market.

We went to the tent sale on Saturday and I could not contain the excitement! There are just so many things from scrapbooking items to baking stuff! When we are close we can see the big tent from the express way and I just get giddy! To get a cart you need to stand by the exit and hope that people will give you their cart.

There was no line to get in to the sale and for check out we only waited like five minutes. I am definitely not a professional baker, I really enjoy baking. It’s a big stress reliever. The other stress reliver is buying everything at the tent sale for about 30-50 % off. You have to be careful because you can get your heel cut off with all the carts under the tent. We went to lunch afterwards just like we do every year. Thanks, bestie for a great time!

Going to Kane County Flea Market on Sunday was kind of a last minute decision. My best friend couldn’t go so I settled for my husband! We didn’t have any kids with us so it was nice to look around without arguing with any of them.

I really enjoy looking for treasures! I did get some awesome ones! Th little bowls were only $7.50 for a set of twelve! I wanted to jump for joy when I saw them but my husband would’t have been too happy. The wool thread and the sheet music will be used for card making and scrap booking after my son checks the sheet music to make sure it’s not something that shouldn’t be cut up. The e big spools with thread will probably be used to roll lace up on.The crates are awesome! At one stand my husband got two of them for $8.00. The other one was $8.00 all by itself. I can’t wait to do something with them! I do have one idea from Pinterest that I want to use them for.

I didn’t realize that the sun was so strong…I am all red but it was worth it I think!

If I had a bigger house I would fill it up with treasures!

Have a great start to your week!




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