Happy Birthday, Son!



What’s going on? How was your Monday? I hope your today is off to a good start.

Today is a special day. Twenty years ago today was one of the most important days of my life…my son was born. They say that you forget the pain of childbirth, but I will tell you that’s not true! I remember what I was cooking when I went into labor…chicken in the oven and a lemon cake. I remember calling/paging my husband and walking into the middle of the street several times to see if he was coming home…like that was going to make him get home any faster!

Time has flown and my baby  son has grown up to be a great young man. It’s true that children grow like weeds, in my case I would say like splendid plants or flowers.

Happy Birthday, Julian!

Speaking of plants and flowers…

Look at these beautiful radishes from my  our garden. I had no idea what to do with them until someone told me about pickled radishes.

These pickled radishes were nice and zesty. The color is absolutely a beautiful rosy red. The original recipe is from http://www.motherearthnews.com

I had an old chair in the garage that I was saving for some kind of craft and of course I found an idea on Pinterest. This was a collaborative effort. My son painted the chair, my husband made the hole in the chair and I potted the plants.

I wanted the chair to have an old vintage feel to it and it sure does. I also added a plant in an old teapot. This is sitting on my small front porch and looks adorable. I hope these plants grow a lot!

Whew! I had a lot to share today. Thanks for listening and reading!





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    • Thanks, Dube! The best part is that now they sell the mixed plants in one flat so you can just mix them up instead of buying all the different plants.

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