Spice Cabinet & Pantry Cleaning



So my first week of vacation is going ok…kind of busy!

I went to see the trainer at Planet Fitness on Monday…yesterday I could barely move! I only did about 15 minutes of stuff like push-ups, sit ups, wall squats and some other thing and I feel I am going to keel over. I couldn’t move my arms yesterday! I am back at the gym today and am starting with the tread mill.

I spent half of the day at the hospital while my dad had a stint put in for another clogged artery. Everything came out OK so I am definitely a happy camper.

So I registered for some sewing classes and today I am taking a basic sewing class and a tag class. I am excited and hope that the teachers are patient!

About two weeks ago I felt the need to clean out my spice rack and pantry/cabinets. It needed to be done desperately!

The spice labels were small and every time I was looking for one I had to kneel down.

All I did was clean up the actual rack and take the old labels off the jars. I made the labels by downloading an Avery template for round labels, printing on full sheets of adhesive labels and punched them out with a circle punch. My spice rack is now much more user friendly!

I totally cleaned out one of my cabinets and the pantry. It was nice to do because I switched how I use our Tupperware containers. For example, I found that we really only need one snack container versus two.

I was able to put all of my baking containers from the pantry into this one cabinet for easy access.

The pantry…Before

The pantry…After

All this cleaning took me two evenings. I washed every single tupperware container and switched things from one container to another and re-labled all of them. It was definitely worth it. I was nice seeing how our eating habits have changed. We are eating much healthier and it’s easier finding things!

Felíz Día!





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