My Three J’s




How are you? I hope you have some great weekend plans! It is going to be hot here for the next week or so. I see the pool in our future all next week.

I’m hoping to go strawberry picking today. We were supposed to go last week, but they were all picked out! I didn’t realize people love harvesting and hard labor so much! Just kidding! It’s an awesome family thing to do! I hope there will be strawberries left for us!

So I took two of my sewing classes. The first one was even too basic for me and I was not impressed with the instructor. She was huffy and puffy, checked the clock every five minutes and even grabbed material right from my hands! I have been having issues with customer service and courtesy lately. I kind of feel that as customers we are being treated really badly. I have taken to starting to complain to managers so that they know how I feel. As customers we should be respected and well taken care of…OK, I am done venting! The second class went well and I made the cutest little luggage tag. I was the only one enrolled in the class, so I liked that!

I am falling behind on my scrap booking and need to catch up again!

People are always asking my why I gave all of my kids names starting with the letter “J’. I can’t answer that except that I liked the idea of  it and I love their names! Julian, Julissa and Julieta…my three J’s!

These three angels are everything to me! There is nothing I wouldn’t do for them! They are as different as can be.

I love using the little pockets for journal cards because of my ugly handwriting but they also work out great as embellishments.

I should have done a Father’s Day layout, but I have had my pictures printed.

I hope all the Dad’s out there have a wonderful Father’s Day! Enjoy!




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