Scrapbook Saturday with a Summer Wreath



So here it is…the weekend…and I have no car! My daughter was in an accident and I am now carless until I have it fixed! I am grateful that nobody was hurt, but I feel naked without a car! So yesterday  I kind of attached myself to my husband so I can get a few errands run.

I spent most of yesterday cleaning out my daughters room and making it a bit more grown up…I have to remind myself that they are no longer little girls, but young ladies!

I have to admit that I have been very lacking in the scrapbooking department. I have been absolutely bitten by the sewing bug! I’ve looked up several tutorials on making pillow cases and other small items so that’s what I have been practicing all week. I am going to end up with a house full of pillow cases!

I’ve also been making a wreath or two! I made this wreath to put on my back door and it looks so cute and modern!

I cut some muslin into 2 inch strips and just wrapped it around a foam wreath attaching it with florist pins. I made the  yo yo flowers a while back but hadn’t used them for anything  so i just popped them on their with a pin. I asked my daughter what she thought of it and she thought it looked like a donut. I like donuts.  Every time I come through my back door I think of my daughter and donuts.

Have a great weekend!







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