I Love the 80’s



So…I was really sad yesterday! Our garage sale was rained out! My son and I were in such a hurry to bring everything in. We were soaked. Yes, we desperately needed the rain, but why on garage sale day? I had just cleaned the whole house and now my living room, kitchen and sunroom is full of stuff! Tomorrow is anther day and it is supposed to rain too…maybe we will get lucky!

So do you remember the 80’s? I certainly do! I loved those years…the music, the clothes, the hair! Oh and the boys!!!!!!!!!!! I love(d) Madonna, Boy George, Cyndi Lauper and so many artists. Do you remember taking “modeling” pictures in your best friends basement? You don’t? I do! Maybe it was just me and my friends…but that can’t be. We had so much fun doing it! We always joke around that we are going to re-create these pictures at our current age. Now that would be scary and funny!

I think these pictures were taken in 1981 or 1982? Has it been that long? Thirty-One years ago? NO WAY!!!!!

Sorry that the picture is kind of fuzzy. I thought I was hot stuff…well, I thought I was! Was I really able to fit into those skinny jeans too? I remember having to lay on the bed just to get the zipper up…and that was when I was skinny! My favorite colors in my high school years were hot pink and turquoise. Makes me want to sing….Memories.

Have a great weekend and cross your fingers we don’t get any rain today so that I could sell all my stuff!



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