Yarn Wreath



Sorry…I’ve been missing in action. I have been dare I say it? Resting a bit? My daughter and my nephew were gone from last Thursday until Wednesday when we picked them up. That night was scary! It started raining when we were driving back from my brother’s house and I was scared to death! The rain was so bad and there were so many semi’s on the road. I was just glad that we made it home safely. While they were gone I did nothing! I layed on the couch. I started watching Glee from episode one. I still have a lot of catching up to do! It was nice getting a bit of rest. Even when I am resting I am doing small things in the crafting department.

We went to the mall and bought all of my daughter’s school uniforms. That always makes me kind of sad…but it also makes me happy because I need to get back on a schedule so that I can be really productive!

I am throwing a small “trunk party” for my daughter on Sunday so I am going to be pretty busy today getting all the preparations ready and cleaning house.

My reading adventures are long and in between! I finished reading the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy  by EL James about a month ago and the books were pretty good. I’ve heard it called “mommy porn”! The books were a bit graphic and they are definitely not Shakespeare, but they were a good read. By the third book, it was kind of a give as to what was going to happen all the time!

How many wreaths do you have ? I have a lot of doors in my house so I have a lot of wreaths! Right now I currently have four wreaths up. One on my front door, one on my back door, one on my bedroom door and one on my kitchen/sunroom door. You can never have too many wreaths! I made this wreath to go on my bedroom door.

Sorry about the picture and my big head shadow in the way! These kinds of wreath have been all over the place including Pinterest. I am a little late in making one, but better late than never. Instead of paying about $6 for a foam wreath at the store I went to Home Depot and bought a bag of 4 plumbers foam “noodles” for about $3 to make my wreath. Much more economical! I simply took one long “noodle” and taped it in a circle form and went to town wrapping the yarn around it! I die cut the flowers from felt and hot glued them to the wreath. Super simple!

I am off to do some shopping for the party and get the house ready!





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