Fideo Seco con Guajillo y Queso



How’s it going? How’s the hot weather treating you? I can’t take it anymore!!!!! I am so looking forward to fall now! I am never happy!

So my house is pretty quiet now. My nephews have all gone home and it’s kind of weird here. I love having my nieces and nephews around and when we all get together. I have to get used to the quiet again!

We will be visiting Carroll University this weekend again and my daughter is super excited! She received a lot of gifts to get her dorm room ready at her trunk party.  We shopped for a lot of things too. We will get the opportunity to check out the dorms this visit and  then we can shop for the last few things she needs. Of course with girls the shopping never ends…there is still clothes shopping to do too!

Since I will be getting back on schedule I guess I can resume my crafting! I feel like I haven’t stamped in such a long time and I really miss it. Sad news to report…I just posted about buying my vitrolero last week and it just broke! I was putting it in the sink and it hit the edge and BAM! BIG.HOLE. IN. THE .BOTTOM!!!!! I am so sad! I only used it once. I think next time I am just going to buy a plastic one even though they are not as nice as the glass ones.

This soup (I think it’s considered a soup) is scrumptious! When I was growing up my mom would make it often (especially with a Mexican Beef Stew) but it didn’t have the pepper in it. The pepper totally amplifies the flavor.

I still eat my soup (and rice too!) with tortilla. Carbohydrate with carbohydrate…absolutely delicious! Wash it all down with a delicious Mexican beer…can’t beat that!

Find the inspiration recipe here

Have a great Friday!




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