Beautiful Senior & Carroll U




I woke up today and the weather seems pretty nice! I turned off the air after having it on most of the summer…I hope this lasts for a while!

So yesterday we went to Carroll University for Preview Day. When we arrived there we were starving…so we headed off to one of their dining facilities. The food was very good. I tried a little bit of everything they had so I can check it out and see how it was…

I tried the chicken ravioli, vegetables, and fries…

BBQ chicken…I didn’t do the bun cause I just wanted to taste the chicken. I tasted the pizza too, but by the time I thought about taking a picture I had eaten it all!

I approve of the food at Carroll University! I met the chef and he was extremely nice and proud of his dining facility…he should be! Every staff member we met at Carroll was very nice! When we went to NIU for my son’s orientation I just about cried when we ate the food there. I had tried the BBQ pork sandwich and I couldn’t take it! One of the things that I really want for my kids when they go away is that they eat well and feel at least a bit home. NIU’s dining area  wasn’t too nice, but Carroll’s had nice comfy chairs and the decor and colors were nice. I am glad that Carroll will be a great place for my daughter and I am so glad that my son is no longer in the dorms at NIU! He is in his own apartment so that he can cook some decent meals!

After lunch they had a nice presentation and then a tour of the dorms and campus. It was very informative. The one thing I didn’t like was that I noticed the boys checking out my daughter! They are lucky I didn’t elbow them!

My daughter had her Senior pics taken at JC Penney and they did a wonderful job! We paid about 75% less than we would have had we gone with the schools chosen photography company. Now a days I think we are all looking to save money where ever we can!

She looked adorable. The poses were very nice and I was so happy with the pictures!  I love the girly elements I added to this page.

Have a great weekend!



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