School Time Wreath



Happy Monday!

Guess what tomorrow is around here? The First Day of School! It’s a lot of work getting ready for school, but it’s also such an exciting time! I ironed all my daughters clothes so she is all ready. She is not as excited as I am to start school but too bad so sad!

It was quite a busy weekend and thank goodness it didn’t  all involve  work. On Saturday I took another class at Joann’s and made an adorable pillow (I will post it later). The class was awesome because the instructor was great and I was the only one in the class. We also made it out to dinner with my parent’s and my brother. We wanted for all of us to get together for dinner one more time before both of my oldest head off to school. We also went to IKEA which I LOVE. I was told by a certain man to buy only what I needed…what a party pooper! I will have to go there by myself one day.Sunday was quite nice too. My best friend, daughter and I got to go to the mall so that I my daughter could pick up a few things she needed for school. Of course we are not done with that shopping yet, so that means another trip out probably next weekend. We also enjoyed a birthday party too! I love weekends with not too much work involved!

So some people think the start of a new school year is exciting. Over the summer as I cleaned and bought school supplies I rounded up a few items that included old crayons, and old flat school themed sign, a used protractor and old frame that I had previously pained.

I took those things and transformed them into this…



I added some ribbon as a holder and a few bows to the top and TaDa! A new wreath for my front door! As you know  already I love using things and upcyling/recycling them. What else was I going to do with all the stuff? The cute thing was that some of the crayons had my daughters name written on them and so did the protractor. A glue gun works miracles! My daughter was a bit upset when she saw the protractor because she said she needed it…I changed the subject quick and she forgave me.

Don’t throw out all those old used school supplies. You can add almost anything to a wreath like erasers, empty glue bottles, old scissors…the possibilities are endless!

Happy Monday!






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