Summer Canning


Hi Everyone!

It’s been crazy around here! I have been so super busy since I have gone back to work. The first day of school for our kids was today. Even though it’s a lot of work I love the excitement and positivity of a new school year! I My youngest started middle school yesterday. She had a great first day since it was only half a day. She is sooo nervous for her first full day today!

I have been canning like a crazy lady! Here is a picture of some of my canned stuff…


From left to right…spaghetti sauce, salsa, another salsa and candied jalapeños. I want to cry when I see fresh tomatoes now. We have had so many and given so many away. As far as recipes go I just go online and find whatever recipe looks good! I had never thought of candied jalapeños (cowboy candy). They are delicious…especially on a cracker with cream cheese. I also made some pesto to freeze.

The color of this pesto is amazing!

Canning is tons of work, but it is certainly worth it! Now I have some excellent stuff for the fall and winter seasons. And all the vegetables from the garden that I used in the canning are organic. Canning seems to be making a big comeback. If you try it make sure you have plenty of time for it. A great source of information on canning is



Recipe  Skinny Basil Pesto from

Recipe for Cowboy Candy (candied jalapeños) from


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