Beginner Sewing



The weekend flew by!

I feel like I didn’t get anywhere near as much as what I wanted done! It was a good weekend. We went to the drive-in this weekend because the weather was perfect! For the first movie we were able to sit on our folding chair. By the time the second movie started it had started to rain! Imagine three people trying to squeeze into the back of an SUV to watch a movie! I could not stop laughing as we pulled legs and arms to try and get comfy…needless to say it wasn’t working so we just turned the truck around! DUH! Should have done that to begin with!

There was the other usual house stuff going on. I packed a box up to send my daughter some treats and home-made cookies. I hope she is happy when she gets the box! As I type this I am crafting…letting some decoupaged clothes pins dry for my group swap tomorrow.

As you know I took some basic sewing classes over the summer. I finally took pictures of the pillowcases, kleenex holders and cinch sacs I have made. I have been making some of these items as birthday gifts and am trying to finish up a few more of these things for Christmas.

I had taken the pillow case class a t Joann’s but was having a super difficult time making it the way it was taught so I looked online to find an easier way. The burrito or sausage method is such a great way to learn! I learned to make it here I found this tutorial so easy to follow! Thank you, Crafty Gemini!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I like to pull out cute stuff from my purse when I am in public. Some things can’t be helped because they are just utilitarian items, but a cute kleenex holder just makes anyone look put together and organized! At least I think so! I was able to make  a bunch of these from the left over scraps from pillow case making. I found a super simple tutorial here

Check out this awesome cinch sack!

This cinch sack can be used for so many things! Use it for traveling, carrying around toys, snacks or other items. It was so easy to make. I can’t believe I am saying that because the first one I made took me forever! These were super simple to make thanks to this great tutorial

I still have a lot to learn when it comes to sewing but thanks to so many other crafty people who post their tutorials online or on you tube it is getting easier to learn!

Have a great Monday!





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