Up-cycled Picture Frame Magnetic Board



I am so relieved it’s Friday…I don’t know even know why.

I have been pretty slow in the crafty department but I did get a chance to make an adorable magnetic board for my gdaughter.

It’s a long story…I had this old picture frame that I painted and had put cork board squares over the old backing…it was hideous. I forgot to take a picture of it. When Julissa went off to college I cleaned the room out and decided to up-cycled  frame once again. My Man was nice enough to cut some aluminum sheeting to fit the frame…really …I didn’t force him to!

I had some cute fabric that worked just right in the room. I adhered the fabric to the aluminum sheeting before putting it into the frame. I just sprayed the sheeting with adhesive spray and placed the fabric on it while stretching it just a bit to make sure there were no wrinkles. It turned out adorable!

It was super simple to do and adds such a personalized touch to any room. I have come a long way in my crafting even from a couple of years ago! Tomorrow instead of Scrapbook Saturday I will share the cute up-cycled magnets I made for this board….so check back tomorrow!

Happy Friday!






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