Candy Corn Popcorn



Happy Friday! Thank goodness this week is over! I am looking forward to a busy but enjoyable weekend. On Wednesday I was feeling down in the dumps for a few different reasons. I wanted to keep myself kind of busy so I figured I would put together some kind of sweet to share at work on Thursday since it’s been a long week for everyone.

This snack certainly made me feel better!

Candy Corn Popcorn


24 cups air popped popcorn

16 0z. vanilla flavored candy bark (candy coating)

24 0z. candy corn mix




1. Pop your popcorn

2. Melt the candy bark in microwave in about 15-30 second intervals stirring to completely melt.

3. Mix popcorn, melted candy bark and candy corn mix  in a large (and I mean huge) bowl and stir with spoon or clean hands until well mixed.

4. Spread popcorn mix on wax paper covered cookie sheets (I had 3 cookie sheets) and sprinkle with a little bit of salt to offset some of the sweetness. Sprinkle  salt to your taste. Let sit on cookie sheet for about 15-20 minutes to allow it to dry. Break up if needed and store in large airtight container.

5. Share and Enjoy!

I wanted to share this with my co-workers and since there were so many I set out a little stack of Halloween themed muffin liners that they can serve it in and carry it off with them.

This is an easy great recipe to make for a crowd!





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