Happy Halloween!




First of all I want to say that my heart is with all the people on the East coast right now. It’s very apparent via the media that they have been hard hit by Hurricane Sandy. I hope that they all recover soon from everything going on out that way.

On another note, I love Halloween! The  decorations, the sweets, the excitement of the kids! I really enjoy seeing all the kids running from house to house asking for treats! The sad part is that now a days so many people choose to not open their doors. It’s really heartbreaking to see kids walk away so sad from some houses. It’s all in tradition and fun everyone, please be kind and make the kids happy with just a little trick or treat.

Saturday I went out to a party and had a great time. I grew up in the 80’s and I loved the music and the clothes of the time so who better to dress up as for Halloween than…

Boy George!!!!!

My Julissa said I looked like a weirdo and My Man said I scared him. I  just love Boy George’s  music. I associate the 80’s with his fabulous music and colorful bright clothes and makeup. I wanted to be Boy George back then, so why not be him for Halloween now? Kind of weird in a way….but those were the 80’s.  I wish I could dress like that every day. I would be super happy all the time I think!

Happy Halloween!




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