Happy Wednesday!

It’s been kind of rainy and dreary …typical fall weather and I am sooo ok with it! We’ve taken out coats, hats, scarves and gloves. I am not looking forward to winter at all! But with the fall and the cool weather comes Thanksgiving. I need to decide what my menu will be this Thanksgiving. I have made a few suggestions to my daughter as far as changing the menu and she is adamant about me not changing anything from any other year…maybe she is homesick and wants everything to be the same when she comes home for Thanksgiving break. I may sneak in a few changes anyway!

Saying “Thank you” is something that is in style all year-long. A few months ago a friend of mine took a “survey” with her Facebook friends about whether people expected a Thank You card after giving a gift. If I remember correctly the majority of people who responded did not expect a Thank You card. They felt that saying Thank You was enough from the gift recipient. I am a card maker so I do like to give Thank You cards.

What is your take on giving “Thank you” cards?  Is it absolutely necessary to give one? Does it depend on the type of person who gave the gift or favor? Does it depend on what the gift or favor is?

Either way making cards is a great hobby! Card making has taken me out of boredom many times when my children were young and my husband was out hunting in the dead of winter. It’s become lifelong “hobby”!

Have a great day!



Supplies: Stampin’ Up!, Bazzil, PTI


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  1. I’m still all about the Thank you. Especially at weddings, showers, grad parties and the like. And, one great big thank you to the entire party does not cut it. If its personal, like a birthday gift and you get thanked on the spot then I feel that’s enough. Just my opinion.

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