My Turkey



Happy Friday  Tuesday. Today is my Friday since I am off the rest of the week. I have my evening and tomorrow kind of planned out already. I will be baking all my desserts and bread tomorrow and cleaning house of course. I am going to try and get my son to get involved and kind of help me out…wish me luck!

For the last two years I have had to stick my hand in the turkey to take all the “stuff” out…gross! Last year I was almost in tears because my husband wasn’t here to do it. I even called my parents and they were about to come do it for me but I decided to put my big girl panties and do it myself. It was just kind of disgusting! I am doing it again this year…yuck!

I have been cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the last 25 years and I have always made it the same way my mom did. Mind you my parents never ate turkey in Mexico so when they arrived here they didn’t even know about turkeys and cooking them. My mom did the best she could with the turkey and now I actually make it the same way as she did.

It’s not very pretty but it tastes darn good! I season some mixed vegetables with some sazón and stuff it in the turkey (after taking the “stuff “out). I rub butter all over the turkey, season it all with some sazón and then cover it with bacon and cook it up. Nothing fancy. It works for us and I don’t usually make a vegetable because the turkey is already stuffed with them.

How do you make your turkey?






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