Leftover Turkey?



So bird day is upon us! I love this time of year. These couple of days will be busy one full of cooking, cleaning and hopefully getting out to a movie at least. No black friday shopping for me. I don’t like getting pushed and shoved by rude people.It’s also almost time to put up Christmas decorations. I am very adamant about not putting anything Christmas up until after Thanks giving. I want to pay homage to that beautiful bird and to take that special time to be thankful for all my blessings even though I do that every day. My husband cracks up at me every time we drive by a house that has Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving. I say something like”What’s wrong with those people? Thanksgiving comes before Christmas they shouldn’t put a turkey in their window”! So I will be dragging out the Christmas bins (hopefully with some help) on Friday after Thanksgiving.

I  look forward to all the meals I can create with leftover turkey. There are sandwiches, soups, shepherds pies, etc..I am able to make all my meals for this long weekend after Thanksgiving with the leftover turkey and broth that I make with the carcass.

These are just two of the delicious meals that I have made with leftover turkey.


Dad’s Leftover Turkey Potpie. The chunks of turkey and vegetable are so delicious!

The color of this  Lemony Turkey Rice Soup was amazing and it had such a refreshing taste.

You can find both of these recipes here



I hope you have your after Thanksgiving recipes ready to go…that is if you have any leftovers! I’m off to clean house, cook a big one pot meal for the day and of course bake! Enjoy your Day!






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