Pastel Azteca Verde con Salsa de Tomatillo



I had every intention of crafting all weekend long and I failed! I did regular weekend things. The weather was absolutely beautiful this weekend. Imagine spring weather in December! We went to the Lights at Brookfield Zoo but it was so crowded that we didn’t enjoy it too much. I was more worried about tripping on a stroller or wagon and afraid of losing my nephews that  I didn’t really enjoy the lights! At least I enjoyed family time with everyone! We are going to go back once it get colder so that it really feels like Christmas!

My husband has been surprising me lately with what foods he likes more than others. When I saw this recipe for Pastel Azteca Verde I was certain he wasn’t going to like it. I was so surprised when he said it was delicious! To me “pastel” means cake (sweet cake). This is a savory layered cake of deliciousness! I am grateful for a new type of “cake”!

At the end of the summer I made a bunch of tomatillo salsa and froze it. That made making this during the week even easier.

I made this in a pie plate since I am trying to save the earth and not use disposable things. It was pretty easy to make. This will definitely be something I make again. I usually have all the ingredients on hand.


Nora at “Gusta Usted” has some amazing recipes that are what we call “caseras” or homemade.

You can find the recipe for Pastel Azteca Verde here

A friend of mine told me about her blog and I am an avid follower.  Go ahead and visit her blog!

Felíz Lunes!




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