Twenty-Five years…really?



Today is a very special day. It was twenty-five years ago today that I married My Man. Weird, right? I mean I’m only in my early forties. Really? I have been married longer than I have been single, I’ve lived longer with my husband than I have with my parents…I am too young for this! This is like amazing. I never thought I would be married for this long with the same person!

I am thankful. Thankful that I am with someone who loves me and someone who I love. Like all marriages ours has been far from perfect. We have our good and bad times. There is a lot of compromising and sacrificing. We are total opposites of each other, but somehow it has all worked out!

This picture is a bit blurry…but you get it! The things we do for love…

This next picture was taken about two years ago.

photo (3)


So with all that said I just want to say “Happy Anniversary” to my husband!

Have a great love filled day!







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