Stocking Holders



Since I got rid of our old Christmas stocking holders I figured I needed to replace them. My old ones were heavy, silver looking ones with the battle operated candle that goes on top…not very attractive, but simple and they did their job…hold the stockings. I saw some really cute hand-made ones on Pinterest. Of course it involved cutting wood so I got My Man involved! When I explained what needed to be done he was happy to help out! I found my inspiration for these at Southern Lovely.

This is how they started out…naked…

My Man figured if these were for our home and I wanted them to be meaningful that he would go a step further than the directions I found on  Southern Lovely here

So he went ahead and cut the wood to size but also cut one of the pieces to fit into the other then screwed them together. Perfect and ready for decorating!

I spray painted the wood, decoupaged my pieces of scrapbook paper onto the wood, hot glued glittered mini clothes pins on and  put our pictures on the clothes pins. My husband also attached the holders/handles on.

Here is a side view of our project. The holder looks a little rough from the side view, but I like the rustic, elegant, hand-made look!

Here is the front view

I really like the way they turned out . And what is nicer is that both my husband and I made them!

They were practically free! The only supply we actually purchased was the wood. I had everything else at home already from other projects. Every year everyone’s stocking is full except for mine…maybe this year Santa will think of me! I’ve been good…I promise!

One more good thing about today…it is a day to celebrate Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe! Since I am unable to go to an actual celebration I will say an extra prayer tonight! You can find some great information about nuestra Virgencita Morena here

Happy Wednesday!













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