Magnetic Makeup Frame



Did you go after Christmas shopping? I went but I have so much stuff that I don’t really buy Christmas themed items. I try to stock up on things that I can use for other holidays. I bought several bags of candy, different colored things I can use for wrapping gifts or as decorations.  Today will be a good productive day! At least I hope so. Even though I am on vacation I set my alarm so I can get up at 8:00 am. It hasn’t worked! I turn it off and go right back to sleep. I have been a bit productive but not as much as I would like. Everyone tells me not to stress about cleaning and that I should just relax. It’s kind of hard, but I am trying to do a bit of relaxing along with a bit of work.

So on to something fun…crafts!

I have the second picture frame project for you…I did not have absolutely anything to do with this one…My Man did it all!

Sorry the picture is so bad. I took after cleaning a mountain of stuff and organizing my crafting area a bit. I think I was a bit blind!

My Man just spray painted the frame and attached a piece of sheet metal to fit to the back of the frame and there you have it. All I did was glue the magnets to the back of some of my make-up. I have more make-up to add to it still. I was going to add fabric over the sheet metal  but I decided to leave it alone in case I wanted to place the frame in another room. It could be used for hanging just about anything with magnets.




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