Scrapbook Saturday-Smile


Good Morning!

I can’t believe I am the first one up today! Yay! I get to enjoy some quiet coffee time! Maybe I will even get something accomplished…maybe not! The weather here has been wonderful for this time of year. It has pretty much been in the 30’s and today there is a tiny bit of snow on the ground. I have only worn my winter coat once so far and I am so ok with that.

I adore this scrapbook page I am going to show you.

This layout is colorful, simple and dare I say frugal? I pretty much used scrap paper on this layout. I used my Cricut to cut out the letters and parentheses. How simple is that? These pictures are of my daughter for her trunk party before she went away to school. She has decided to come back home. She was absolutely homesick and was truly unhappy. I have come to terms with it and she is now home happy and healthy! She will be going to community college and who knows maybe she will decide to go to another college or university? Time will tell!

Enjoy your weekend!



Supplies: Stampin’ Up!, misc. scrap paper, Cricut


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