Valentine’s Day Banner



It’s finally Wednesday. Has it been the longest week ever or is it just me?

I was so upset on Monday. My podiatrist office called to cancel and reschedule my appointment. Really??? I had all my cute shoes packed  in my car and I was ready for some foot molding! I just wanted to get it over with…oh, well guess I’ll have to wait until my next appointment!

This post is super quick because I am super exhausted! I felt kind of sick this morning with no energy at all but I pushed myself to go to work and now I am more exhausted! Anyway, here is this super cute banner that I “cased” from a Pinterest pin…

This was so easy to make. I made it while I watched TV. I used new and vintage playing cards strung on pink yarn with scraps of ribbon placed in between the cards. You could make it as long or as short as you want. Couldn’t be any easier!

Happy Wednesday!




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