Happy Wednesday!

What is going on with the weather? It’s caraaaazy! Monday it was like 50, yesterday and today only between 18-22 degrees…only in Chicago!

My husband and I made it to the movies on Monday to watch Identity Thief…AAHHH! It was hilarious! After watching that movie it made me realize that I’ve always wanted to go on a crazy road trip. Close your eyes. Here’s a quick scenario..

Big bejeweled sign on a car window that says “Memphis or bust”! Car full of girls (okay young women, no maybe middle-aged? but very young-looking.) The sign changes with every place we want to get to. Making our way to maybe Texas. Stopping for meals  and maybe trying to skip out on the bills but we get busted because one of us falls on the way out. Staying at different hotels every night and raiding the mini bar. All of us have fake names. Going to the kind of nightclubs we’ve never been to and staying out all night (probably in New Orleans).OK…I better stop there! It would just be a road trip full of fun. I wouldn’t do mean things because that’s just not me. Anyway, check out that movie!

A couple of weeks ago Julissa and I went to MAC to pick out some cosmetics for her. At the counter I am checking out a lipglass and of course they ask if I want to try it-heck, yea! I love make up! I bought it and am now addicted to the Nicki Minaj Vivaglam lipglass. It’s a beautiful pink shiny color…love!

Let’s get crafty with a quick card. This card was easy to make…think paper scraps.

This card is pretty yet soft and understated with a modern look. Like that description? This is probably the kind of card my husband would get after me and my friends get busted in the middle of our crazy road trip because someone would feel bad that he has a wild and crazy wife…but remember…it’s only an imaginary trip!



Supplies: My Mind’s Eye, Stampin’ Up!, Celebrate it!, All Night Media




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