Oh, Baby!



Hope everyone’s week is going well! It snowed here yesterday and I was not that impressed! It was considered a snow storm but I was kind of disappointed. Everyone is so afraid of the snow and that it is absolutely ridiculous! We are in Chicago everyone! It usually snows in the winter!

I have baby on the mind…not my baby! My youngest brother and his wife are expecting their first child this May and we are so excited!

I have to laugh because my brother doesn’t know the slightest thing about babies! He would always try avoiding having to hold them. Almost as if babies were aliens or something. Now he is going to have one of his own so I hope he know what to do! They are expecting a girl so that’s another princess to spoil. I can’t wait.

Since I had baby on the brain I thought I’d make a baby card.

This card is a quite modern compared to the ones back in my day! I am amazed by all the cute, modern baby things out there now. Where were they all before? I would have loved to have some of the cool baby things when my kids were little. Oh, well…I’m not about to have one so I can have cool baby things!

Have a great day!



Supplies: Stampin’ Up!



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