Surprise Bottle



So I have to say that boys (that includes men) are the hardest to buy a gift for ever!!! My nephew turned 15 about two weeks ago and I had no idea what to get him. I always prefer to buy a gift versus a gift card because that is just more personal. But , DANG! Boys are hard so I bought a gift card but packaged it in a totally different way.


I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought I would give it a try…to trick my nephew. I was worried that he would think I was a nerd but he didn’t. Yay for me…I am not a nerdy aunt…I think.

In this case I used a washed out plastic tea bottle. I cut a slit in the front of it large enough to get the gift card into the bottle. Then I just wrapped and adhered scrapbook paper around it to cover the slit up. I added candies through the top. I cut some curling ribbon and held it onto the edge of the top and screwed the cap back on…Genius! Who came up with this awesome idea?

When my nephew received it he said he had already taken the candy out from the top but couldn’t figure out how to get the gift card out. TREATED! Yes, this worked! He needed to know how to get the gift card out. I wasn’t going to tell him but figured I should and being the nice aunt that I am told him to take the paper off and find the slit.

It felt so good to send him something that was not just in a card. Success!





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