Vasconia-A Review



Happy Friday!

How many pots or pans have you ruined because you burned food? I admit that I have ruined maybe one or two. Well, I have found something I love! I was asked to review some products from Vasconia which was the first aluminum and stainless steel factory in Mexico.

When I was young my mom always bought what we called “estropajos”  or stainless steel scrubbers for washing pots and pans. They always worked well. When I got married and had to do dishes I kind of leaned towards the scrubbers made of plastic. What was I thinking? I should have stuck with the stainless steel scrubber!

A couple of weeks ago I burned some food in one of my pots and could not for the life of me get the burnt stuff off the bottom. I soaked it and scrubbed like crazy but I couldn’t get much of the gook off! Vasconia had excellent timing! They asked me to review this product at the perfect time!  Look at my poor pot!

It was a disaster. After I scrubbed it with the Vasconia stainless steel scrubber it looked almost brand new!

It didn’t even take lot of scrubbing. Vasconia, where have you been? I think I am your customer forever!

If you are in the market for new kitchenware make sure you check out their items and their website here

Muchas gracias to Victor  and Carlos for asking me to review their products! More reviews to come in the future!



Any opinion expressed in this review is solely expressed through my experience.



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